I would like to acknowledge the support and contribution from the entire Art Blocks team and community.

Art Blocks was the first online community where I truly felt at home and I knew I wanted to participate as both a community member, collector, and as an artist.

As a generative artist making my genesis drop with Supermental it is clear to me, how much I stand on the shoulders of giants. From the people pioneering generative art, the people pioneering on-chain generative art, the people building the tools that we use to create art, to all the artist that came before me and together with the Art Blocks team made Art Blocks in to what it is today.

A special thanks to Snowfro, Jeff Davis and Thomas Lin Pedersen for taking the time to critique my work and give great feedback.

A special thanks to Sarah Ross for answering even more questions.

A special thanks to the people in ab-only-project-share that cheered the project on. A few likes and comments go a long way in a seven month long project.

And last but not least, a very special thank you to my partner in Supermental who wants to stay anonymous. I could not have done it without you.

Much love ❤️